EPDM membrane makes the best pond liner

Nov 6

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If you are looking for an affordable but very effective pond liner material, look no further than EPDM flexible rubber membrane.

Although its main application is for use in water containment, EPDM is well suited to all sorts of waterproofing uses, including as a pond liner.

What is EPDM pond liner?

EPDM is a type of rubber that is used a lot in flat roof applications, tank liner applications and damp proof course. It has several properties that make it great for water containment of ponds, such as its resistance to extreme weather and its elasticity. It is also very affordable compared to other types of membrane. These properties make EPDM membrane ideal for use as a pond liner.

How long does EPDM membrane last?

EPDM rubber roofing membrane should last at least 40 years before it begins to perish.

How do I know how much I should order?

Generally, people always end up needing more liner than they thought they did. However, if you follow the steps below, you can't go too far wrong:

1. Measure the maximum width, maximum length and maximum depth of the hole which is to become your pond. 

2. Times the depth of the pond by two and add that figure to the length of the hole. Add how much overlap you need, usually two inches does the job. This will give you your required length of membrane. You need twice the depth because the liner needs to go down one end of the pond, along the bottom and back up the other end. The calculation looks like this:

Length of liner needed = (2 x Depth) + Length + 2"

3. Next, times the depth of the pond by two and add the width of the hole. Again, add a couple of inches on. This will give you your required width of membrane. The calculation is as follows:

Width of liner needed = (2 x Depth) + Width + 2"

4. You may have to round off the dimensions of your required membrane (either up or down) because EPDM rubber roofing membrane is often supplied in fixed sizes which have been cut off a roll. If it is too large, then you can then either cut it down to size or just have more overlap. If it's a little too small you can just fill the hole in a little.

5. Use the same method to calculate the dimensions of underlay needed.

Box welded or flat sheet pond liner?

EPDM can be welded together to create a waterproof shell. You can either order your pond liner as a flat sheet, and fit it yourself, or you can order it to come box welded. For ornamental ponds and koi carp ponds, the best option by far is a box welded pond liner. Because a box welded liner is professionally fabricated together, there are no folds in the material. Folds can trap debris and cause bacteria to build up, which can adversely affect the water quality and damage Koi. Box welded pond liner also come with a lip, known as a flange, all the way round to hold it in place using your chosen type of edging material. Box welded membranes also tend to look much better than flat sheets.

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