Lake Liners

Lake liners form a fundamental part of the success of man-made lake construction where water lose through ground seepage needs to be prevented.  Water has been a key element in gardens and landscape design for many years. Installing a UV resistant and highly durable lake liner to prevent water leakage will extend the life of a lake. Russetts Developments Ltd (RDL) custom fabricate lake liners to the exact dimensions required. 

Lake liners and their uses

Lakes are designed and constructed for many purposes such as golf course irrigation, reservoirs, wildlife habitats and fisheries. Most UK golf courses include a number of water features at least one of which will serve as a reservoir for irrigation purposes. The conservation of water in this system will be very important so the construction is likely to include the installation of lake liners to prevent leakage.

RDL recommend adding a layer of protective underlay liner before installing a lake liner. The area over which the lake liners are to be laid should first be cleared of rocks, roots, sharp objects or debris of any kind so that no immediate damage to the lining is possible. The surface should provide a firm unyielding foundation for lake liners with no sudden, sharp or abrupt change in gradient. 

Lake liners supplied by RDL

RDL offer a variety of underlay liners to provide a high level of protection to lake liners in a convenient and cost effective way. Types of underlay are; TenCate Polyfelt products TS60 or TS50 and Cosmotec LPP250M. We can also supply a range of specialised Geotextile protective underlay liners for specific jobs.

Often the upper slopes of lakes are exposed leaving the liner at risk of damage by visiting wildlife. It is, therefore good practice to cover these outer areas with a depth of soil which will sustain vegetation. The underlay will protect the lake liner from puncture whilst also providing a degree of slope stability.

RDL fabricate and supply EPDM lake liners to create a water tight, natural looking water feature. For big projects, larger lake liners are achieved by bonding sheets together. The superior anti-aging properties and UV resistance of EPDM makes it one of the best choices for lake liners.

For irregular or complicated lakes, RDL can tailor and install liners on site using its Flagon thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO).

Flagon TPO membranes is a new generation synthetic liner made using an innovative formulation. It is a high performance liner providing excellent weldability and flexibility with a life expectancy in excess of 25 years. 

All our lake liners offer high resistance to weathering and UV rays, excellent weldability, high mechanical resistance, puncture resistance, resistance to perforation by roots.

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