Are you missing out on the real value of water storage tanks

Jun 23

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Water storage tanks are used in many different types of industries such as agricultural, fish-farming, fire-fighting and fire protection, sports turf irrigation, mining and construction. Water storage tanks also play an important role in rainwater harvesting. Above ground or ground level tanks are the most common forms of water storage and the most economical to fabricate, erect and maintain. A roof to the steel water storage tank stops debris falling in and can also assist in adding a more appealing look to the tank which may otherwise be considered to have a negative environmental impact.

Value of rainwater harvesting and water storage tanks

Rainwater harvesting takes the rain that falls on catchment surfaces such as roofs. This undoubtedly reduces mains water supplies when supplemented with harvested water. It also guarantees a water supply during periods of low rainfall or drought. A pump attached to large galvanised steel water storage tanks can be used for irrigation purposes. Other advantages of harvesting and storing rainwater are
  • saves on energy needed to treat and transport water
  • reduces risk of flooding and damage caused by rainwater run-off
  • controls drainage
  • reduces mains water demand
  • can be used for irrigation systems cutting the cost of mains water supply
  • rainwater is relatively clean - particularly if fed through a filter system or runs-off a well maintained roof and gutter system. It can be used to reduce domestic and non-domestic mains water usage by 50%.
  • offers quick and easy access to a water source 
  • water source during periods of low rainfall
  • can be used to reduce contamination from run-off

A reservoir is defined as a ground supported flat-bottomed cylindrical galvanised steel tank with the height no higher than it's diameter. The size of a reservoir is determined by future water demands. Whether a reservoir, a water storage tank for rainwater harvesting or fire protection, they would all mean a large capital investment. They have the potential to yield good returns if proper planning and sizing are done to meet demand, and to establish proper water turnover and circulation to ensure water quality standards are met. 

A reservoir water storage tank offers advantages such as 

  • prevents water lose through evaporation (versus lakes, ponds or dams)
  • provides means for controllable water distribution
  • easier to gauge water availability
  • requires less surface area for installation 
  • stored water can also be used for fire protection

Water storage tanks for fire protection

Galvanised or steal cylindrical water storage tank

Not only do water storage tanks play an important role in supplying water to manage sports turf, irrigation and agricultural industry, but they also play a big role in fire protection.

Cylindrical galvanised steel tanks are still the most common type of water storage tank used for sprinkler systems. Galvanised sheets bolted together or factory welded to form a cylinder are then lined with a Butyl or EPDM tank liner to protect the tank from corrosion. These tanks are stored close to the property and can be installed above a concrete base for added support.

Rubber tank liners are a well known means of protecting the internal surface of aluminium or galvanised cylindrical bolted panel sprinkler and potable water storage tanks.

Russetts Developments Ltd (RDL) are a leading supplier of tank liners to the fire protection industry and the first tank liner manufacturer to introduce the steel eyelet to the top circumference of the liner to co-inside with the bolt pitch of individual manufacturers tank panels. This vastly improved the installation and security of the standard method of circular tank liner installation- the tank lining industry’s standard method of circular tank liner installation.

In addition to protecting the steel panels, it is also important that the tank liner be protected to further reduce damage and maintenance costs. A 'one piece' geotextile protective matting bag is used to provide extra protection to the tank liner. Protecting from the temperatures that radiate through the tank and to protect the liner during the installation process by providing an excellent cushion between the panels and the material of the tank liner.

Water storage tanks are a valuable addition to residential, commercial and industrial properties providing a reliable source of water. Tanks of an aluminium or galvanised make have a choice of liners to protect the internal and external surfaces from corrosion, weathering and environmental conditions. For rubber tank liners installation or for tank refurbishments, contact Russetts Development to discuss your tank size and requirements on +44 (0)870 770 2800

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