Box welded pond liner for bespoke formal pond designs

Feb 21

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017  RssIcon

Box welded pond liner is the preferred choice for formal pond designs and are often associated with Koi pond builds. A box welded pond liner is prefabricated to bespoke pond design requirements. For complicated designs our specialist team at Russetts Developments (RDL) will come out and box-weld a pond line in situ. We tailor make and install the box welded pond liner on site using our 1.2mm Flagon Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) liner.

For all rectangular, square or L-shaped formal vertically-sided ponds, a box welded pond liner is prefabricated in our factory to exact dimensions as provided to offer a snug fit. The main advantage is that there are no folds or unsightly creases to the pond liner, which could, over time harbour debris and as a result affect the water quality. 

Box welded pond liner orders come with a standard 150 mm (6”) lip which lays flat on the block-work around the edge of the pond. The pond needs to be filled with water first allowing the liner to sit correctly before laying the chosen coping or paving blocks to secure the pond liner in place.

Complicated pond designs - why we use TPO

TPO pond liner is chosen for more complicated formal designs or for large more demanding lakes or reservoirs. This type of pond liner has different physical and chemical properties on each side: 

  • The upper surface (black or green) is UV resistant 
  • The underside (black) is highly resistant to puncturing by roots. 
  • The different colour layers (back and front of the liner) make it easy to detect any punctures so the liner can be repaired without delay.

The raw materials used to produce FLAGON TPO membranes are obtained by mixing modified polyolefins with different additives by means of a process that creates a paste which is later transformed into granules. This combination gives the synthetic membranes the following advantages: 

  • Ageing and weathering resistance,
  • Flexibility, 
  • High mechanical and chemical resistance, 
  • Resistant to UV rays, 
  • Tolerability to freeze-thaw cycles, 
  • High puncture resistance, 
  • Environmentally-friendly and non-toxic.

TPO is specifically designed for waterproofing tanks, canals, lakes and similar structures. It is particularly suited to hillside dams and structures subject to high mechanical stress. The strips are usually welded together by applying hot air using a manual or automatic welder with at least a 30mm overlap. 

Customer box welded pond liner photos

Here are photos sent in by customers for whom RDL welded a pond liner into a bespoke formal shape to drop into their pond builds.

Box welded pond liner for a National Trust refurbishmentAbove ground formal pond with box welded pond liner Box welded pond liner in a Koi pond 

Our box-welded pond liners are supplied with a lead time of 5-10 working days.

To place an order for a box welded pond liner, add in your details, dimensions and requirements in an email and send it to us at or telephone us at 0870 7702800.

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