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Oct 15

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The role of a pond liner is for the containment of water and can take the form of either a preformed pond design, a flexible synthetic or rubber liner, or concrete. There are pros and cons to all choices including a natural pond design. The pond liner chosen usually depends on design plans, surrounding landscape and budget. 

Russetts Development Ltd (RDL) are supplies of pond liners to the Aquatic Trade and to the Landscaping industry. In addition to the products we supply, we also offer our services in tank liner, pond and lake liner installations. The Botanical Gardens at the University of Bristol called upon our expertise to repair a section of a water feature lined with concrete which had developed a crack and was leaking. Repairing it involved draining the pond to access the extent of the damage.

To achieve the best water containment outcomes we decided to line the pond with Flagon GeoP. A challenging project because the narrow, shallow pond with sloping sides presented an awkward shape in terms of lining.

So what is Flagon GeoP and why did we choose to line with this type of membrane? Flagon GeoP is a TPO thermoplastic membrane dimensionally stabilized with a sheet of glass fibre, specifically designed for waterproofing ponds, tanks, canals and similar structures. Synthetic liner of TPO modified polyolefin, is a two-colour version (green/black), with different physical-chemical properties on each of the two sides:

  • The upper, exposed green layer is characterised by very high resistance to weathering and ultraviolet rays, 
  • The lower black layer is resistant to puncturing and to roots.

A glass fibre sheet is positioned between the two layers for extra reinforcement. TPO membranes can be welded together by applying hot air. Chosen for this project based on weldability properties to cater for the complex design requirements, and the unique properties of this liner to create a leak-free pond for bog and aquatic plants.

Advantages of uniquely formulated FLAGON GeoP pond liner

  • Easy to weld together
  • High flexibility
  • Excellent elongation properties - dimensional variation when subjected to mechanical stress
  • Adverse weather and UV rays resistance
  • Non-toxic
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemical attacks
  • Mechanical and puncturing resistance
  • Rot proof
  • Adaptable to ground movements
  • Environmentally friendly
  • High resistance to ageing

Pond liner installation

The top of the existing concrete structure of the pond was integrated into the garden, with rockery and boulders cast in that could not be removed. This meant that there was no edge to lap over a new pond liner membrane to secure it is place. A further challenge was to re-line the pond without damaging the existing concrete structure or the surrounding landscaping.

The first step was to install a 400g/m2 geotextile protective underlay to level the area, making it look flat and smooth, and to protect the pond liner during installation. Then a Flagon GeoP 1.2mm TPO membrane was cut and shaped on site to custom-fit the shape of the pond.

To secure the liner in place, we cut a chase into the concrete, 200mm from the edge and below the water line. Metal flashing strips were riveted in, to which the membrane was be attached.

This special shape pond liner installation repair project was done quickly with minimal disruption to the Botanic Gardens and surrounding water features. 

Whether you have a project requiring specialist pond liner installation or need to order liners, contact us now for a quote and more information on your water containment needs.

Telephone: 08707 702800

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