Why the need for water storage tanks?

Jun 8

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Friday, June 08, 2012  RssIcon

Water storage tanks lined with a flexible rubber tank liner are used to capture rain water for its many uses such as for irrigation and horticultural purposes. The tank liner retains the water in the corrugated tanks until the water is required and are non-toxic therefore safe for lining tanks used for potable water storage.

There has been a lot of media interest in the concept of rainwater harvesting. You maybe wandering why particularly for those living in the UK when we so frequently seem to have rain. Generally, however the UK gets more rainfall in the winter months than during the summer period during which time demand for water can be as much as 70% higher. Domestic 'in-home' requirements are the same month on month, but more is needed to water plants and wash cars during the 18-week long summer. So for irrigation purposes and horticulture there is a greater demand for water.

There is also the fact that with a growing population there is an increasing need for water, particularly fresh-water.

A further factor is that of climate change, which presents itself in various ways in different regions of the world. While little can be done about these climatic events, we can reduce their impact through forward planning and being prepared to deal with conditions such as floods or drought. Building dams can help to prevent floods and rainwater harvesting through the use of water-batts and corrugated water storage tanks can reduce the impacts of drought and storm water runoff.

Water harvesting systems can range from a barrel at the end of a gutter to multiple corrugated tanks with pumps and controls. Regardless of whether water is required for plants in a small garden or to irrigate a plantation of crops, it is well document that both you and the environment will benefit from harvesting rainwater.

Simple, nonpotable rainwater harvesting systems for landscape gardeners, domestic gardeners and commercial crop growers can be designed and installed for water storage.

Russetts Development supply galvanised corrugated steel tanks designed to store large quantities of water.
These tanks are used to store water for various uses:
  • Irrigation water for sports grounds
  • Irrigation water for garden centres and plant nurseries
  • Storing water for dust suppression on construction sites
Tank liners are also supplied and installation is offered if it is required. 

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