Why water tank liners are considered a critical component to tanks

Sep 11

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Thursday, September 11, 2014  RssIcon

Water tank liners for potable and industrial use are an important component to steel or aluminum / galvanized cylindrical bolted panel sprinkler and potable water storage tanks. Tank liners preserve the longevity of the tank and form an important barrier to toxins leaching into the water. 

Three critical components of a water tank liner

  • Forms barrier to contaminants leaching into the water

  • Preserves the natural taste of water

  • Prevents leakage

  • There are different types of water storage tank liners available on the market each with their own unique features. Russetts Developments supplies a rubber tank liner manufactured from either Butyl or EPDM. Both have very high technical specifications, which means they are considered to be one of the best options available. 

    Advantages of EPDM water tank liners

    • Puncture resistant

    • Frost resistant

    • Retains flexibility irrespective of ambient weather conditions

    • Unaffected by weather conditions

    • Resistant to cracking and shrinkage

    Tank liner fulfilment and installation

    Russetts Developments (RDL) provide a quote following discussions with the client about the type of tank to be lined and dimensions. Using the measurement provided the tank liner is fabricated in our Milton Keynes based facilities. We then transport the liner to the job site for installation. For steel or galvanised circular water storage tanks, the tank liner is installed using bolted fixings. This involves the attachment of steel eyelets to the top circumference of the tank liner which then coincides with the bolt pitch of the tank panels. 

    Prior the installing the tank liner we always recommend the additional installation of a one piece stitched geotextile matting bag. This additional protective layer is installed to protect the liner from extreme temperatures radiated through the tank panel sheets, to protect the liner during tank installation and to cushion the liner from floating ice damage. 

    Want a water storage tank liner installed? Contact RDL to request a quote. We have over thirty years experience installing EPDM, Butyl or SealEco rubber tank liners and are renowned for our innovative hanging tank liner installation fixings.

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