The role of reservoir liners in water containment

Jul 25

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Thursday, July 25, 2013  RssIcon

Reservoir liners are used as an alternative to conventional clay lining systems. The mechanical properties offered have meant that synthetic liners are a more cost effective water containment solution in reservoirs used to collect rainwater for supply to irrigation systems or for other purposes.

In the UK there is a growing interest in the need to collect rainwater. It is estimated that around 60% of rainwater that falls on UK ground runs into the sea. This water could be used for so many purposes. To 'save' this water it can be intercepted and collected in systems such as above or below the ground water storage tanks, lakes and reservoirs.

With the rising cost of mains water and the need to conserve the way we use this valuable resource added to which is in energy involved in purification methods, there is a growing interest in the installation of rainwater harvesting systems such as water reservoirs. 

Where reservoirs are sited plays a significant role in its success in collecting and storing water. They should be constructed away from valley bottoms and on plenty of well drained land to avoid being affected by ground water levels.

The best time of the year to construct a reservoir is in the late summer or early autumn when the land is generally drier and construction costs are lower (companies won't have to add in days when construction is haltered due to rain thereby charging more days to complete a project).

Reservoirs less than 50,000m3 - or the size typically installed on commercial properties such as golf courses - are lined with a synthetic reservoir liner to successfully contain water.

Synthetic reservoir liners such as Flagon GeoP 1.0mm TPO, Butyl rubber and EPDM rubber as supplied by Russetts Developments have a number of features making these materials the ideal choice for reservoir water containment. 

Features of synthetic reservoir liners:

  • Outstanding UV resistance

  • Excellent dimensional stability

  • Mechanical resistance

  • Flexibility at low temperatures

  • Withstands ambient temperatures

  • Onsite fabrication 

Flagon GeoP liners have an upper green layer characterised by very high resistance to weathering and UV rays, whereas the lower black layer is resistant to puncturing by roots and sharp stones. 

Water prices plus the pressure put on companies to reduce their impact on the environment and operating more sustainably, has resulted in the growing interest in investing in rainwater harvesting system including, where appropriate, the construction of reservoirs from which water can be collected and then pumped to where it is required.

Russetts Developments supply Flagon GeoP TPO as a reservoir liner as well as EPDM and Butyl rubber liners, all of which display a high standard in mechanical properties required for the successful containment of water in reservoirs.

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