Tank and lake liners ideal for water storage

Jan 17

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Thursday, January 17, 2013  RssIcon

You don't have to live in the dessert to be concerned about water availability. Countries can fluctuate from periods of drought to ones of high rainfall and flooding. Putting systems in place will help to manage water availability with greater levels of success. Containing water in systems such as steel water storage tanks is better achieved with the installation and protective coating of tank liner membranes- also used to line lakes, ponds and reservoirs.

In locations where rainfall is uncertain, rainwater collected and stored in water storage tanks positioned above or below the ground is an important step to successful water management. Rainwater can also be infiltrated into the ground for retraction when required.

Excess rain falling on any surface can be directed into a reservoir or man-made lake. How water is collected and stored will ultimately dictate how it can be used as and when required. The quality and purity of water stored for agricultural or irrigation purposes is not as significant as that for potable use. Because purity is of the utmost importance in potable water storage, filtration systems and condition of the water storage tanks are critical. Tank liner installed into an underground rainwater storage tank

Tank liner membranes function in both water containment and preventing corrosion and degradation. Butyl rubber tank liners are available for standard irrigation and WRC drinking water applications. It is a flexible, robust material with abrasion and UV resistance:

  • Totally inert
  • Excellent UV and Ozone resistance
  • Brittle point at -30 deg C
  • Does not harden and crack when continually flexed
  • Flexibility makes this product easy to install
  • Easily repairable

  • Water containment is of growing importance globally. Contact RDL for more information about their tank liners and water storage tanks.

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