Bespoke Liner Projects

With the use of Flagon Soprema TPO membrane we are able to offer the lining of complicated shaped ornamental formal ponds where the removal of brickwork is not economically practical or listed building regulations would not allow it.

The TPO membrane is completely welded on site ensuring the pond liner perfectly fits the contours of the pond, leaving no unsightly folds or creases. Using the laminated Flagon metal attachment system we are able to ensure the pond liner is secured and sealed exactly where the client requests, either above or below the water level.

Read on to find out more about our various Bespoke Pond Liner Projects.

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Pond liner installed to Watford pond project
Pond Liner and Underlay Supplied by RDL

and fabricated on site to pond with planting shelves.
Pond Liners

Water Garden Refurbishment

Steps RDL took to refurbish Buscot Park's water garden feature.

Botanic Gardens Bristol

RDL refurbished a pond in a water feature.

Supply and Install to ambitious house build

RDL are proud to have supplied and installed an underlay liner and pond liner to this latest Grand Design ambitious home build with large pond.

Unique Pond Design

There is no limit to garden pond design and the ability for RDL to flawlessly install a pond liner.

London Golf Club

RDL relined a lake at this prestigious club.

Pond Liner Installation for Large Garden Pond

RDL have extensive experience in pond refurbishments.

Tailored Liner for National Trust Property

RDL set to work to reline the pond at this historic property.

Lining a Tank with TPO

Full tank liner installation of any water storage tank design.

Tank Liner Installation in Converted Pool

RDL offer a full water tank refurbishment service.