Tank Liners

Tank liners are supplied to the UK, European and Worldwide markets. Russetts Developments Ltd (RDL) have a renowned reputation for being the UK’s leading supplier of rubber tank liners to the fire protection industry. Over the past thirty years we have also supplied thousands of tank liners to every continent across the world.

The installation of tank liners 

We strive to continuously improve and update our tank liner products. As a result we can proudly claim to be the first rubber tank liner manufacture to introduce the steel eyelet to the top circumference of the tank liner to co-inside with the bolt pitch of individual tank manufacturers tank panels. This vastly improved the installation and security of the hanging liner has since eagerly been copied by other tank liner manufacturers and has now become the tank lining industry’s standard method of circular tank liner installation.

We were also the first tank lining supplier to introduce the full one piece stitched geotextile protective matting bag. This was designed to protect the tank liner from extreme heat and cold temperatures radiated through the tank panel sheets, to protect tank liners during installation and to cushion them from floating ice damage. This product has not only been copied by other tank lining suppliers but has been used extensively throughout Europe, Asia and Africa to provide continuous protection to our tank liners in all types of extreme weather conditions. 

We have extensive experience in providing tank liners for the following types of tanks:

  • Aluminum / Galvanized cylindrical bolted panel sprinkler and potable water storage tanks.
  • Elevated rectangular sectional GRP/pressed steel tanks.
  • Shaped concrete above and below ground basement tanks.
  • WRC approved drinking water tanks.

 Below Ground Tank
 Elevated Aluminium Tanks
 Galvanized Mastic Tanks
 Underground Tank Fixings

Although our main expertise lies predominately with EPDM, Butyl and SealEco rubber tank liner products, we are also able to offer alternative lining material for the containment of more aggressive liquids or for the onsite lining of complicated shaped tanks where prefabrication is not an option. 

These other tank liner materials include Polypropylene, and Flagon Soprema synthetic liner of TPO modified Polyolefin and Flagon Soprema PVC.

Does your storage tank need a tank liner installation or tank liner refurbishment? Are you looking to invest in a new tank? Contact RDL for a quote, for more information on our systems or for pricing.