Epalyn (EP) Rubber Liners

Epalyn (EPDM) is a rubber membrane used in the containment of water for a number of different applications. Its versatility is based on the fact that it can be fabricated into various size sheets.

We import uncut sheets of EPDM rubber in rolls of 0.75mm and 1.0mm thicknesses direct from SealEco International (HQ) based in Varnamo, Sweden. This product is also known under the trade name of Elastoseal.  We have chosen to name the SealEco EPDM rubber, “Epalyn EP” to distinguish it from other suppliers of the product.

Although slightly more flexible than Butyl, Epalyn EP rubber is similar in appearance but has some superior physical properties such as tear and tensile strength. EPDM rubber pond liners are very popular in the UK, however not all EPDM rubbers can be vulcanised together and can only be joined with tape and adhesive glues, which means the liner is no longer pliable. Epalyn EP rubber can be vulcanised into most shapes and sizes providing a secure watertight joint between sheets.  

Epalyn EP rubber liners are supplied with a lifetime guarantee on pond liners up to 100m2 and 25 years for larger sheets. Epalyn EP rubber is available to order in pre-packs and by the rolls.

Russetts Development’s Epalyn EP is the perfect liner to use in all types of demanding waterproofing applications as well as for the humble garden pond.