Tank Refurbishment

RDL have extensive experience in lining and tank liner refurbishment of the following types of tanks: aluminium or galvanized cylindrical bolted panel sprinkler and potable water storage tanks.

  • Mastic sealed galvanized bolted panel tanks.
  • Elevated rectangular sectional GRP/pressed steel tanks.
  • Shaped concrete above and below ground basement tanks.
  • WRC approved drinking water tanks.

RDL are able to provide a new EPDM or Butyl rubber liner to existing rubber lined tanks that need a new liner.  We are not only able to provide a new replacement liner but also offer an installation service where the old liner is removed and all fixing flanges are replaced along with their respective gaskets, nuts and bolts.

 Sump area before
 Sump area during
 Sump area after
 Lining with 1.5mm TPO liner

RDL offer clients the option of installing a low-level manway access hatch to keep-up with today’s Health and Safety regulations.

RDL refurbish unlined mastic sealed tanks that are showing signs of leaking through the galvanized sheet panels.  We will convert the mastic tank to accept an EPDM or Butyl liner.  This liner conversion will add an additional 10 years to the life of the tank at a fraction of the price when compared the cost of a new replacement tank.

RDL offer alternative tank lining materials such as Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) or Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) liners to suit a situation where the design or shape of a tank would not make the manufacture of the tank feasible in our fabrication warehouse.

We offer installation services where the liner would be completely fabricated onsite ensuring an exact fit.  We also provide suitable lining membranes for most liquid containment solutions and have extensive experience in lining below ground concrete tanks where all surfaces including the roof, require lining.

For further information about our tank liner refurbishment services, please contact us on 08707702800.