Pond Liners Supplied for Swimming Pool Build

Our customer used a digger for the construction of his pool. Then, with assistance installed both underlay and liner.
Underlay and pond liner installed to a large outdo
Underlay and pond liner installed and pushed into the contours of the pool construction. Now its time to turn on the hose and fill this outdoor swimming pool.
The finished swimming pool awaits the sun to warm it up!
The completed outdoor swimming pool with the water well contained by the underlay and thick, high quality rubber pond liner

Outdoor Swimming Pool Build

RDL supplied this customer with Geotextile pond underlay and Epalyn EP pond liner 1.0mm for this big outdoor project.

Epalyn EP rubber offers superior physical properties, such as tear and tensile strength. Epalyn EP pond liners are very popular in the UK and can be vulcanised into most shapes and sizes to provide a secure watertight joint between sheets.