Pond Liner Supply, Fabrication and Installation

Digging out the ground and taking measurements to
Excavating the new pond and taking measurements to keep to exact design plans.
Pond build and removing sharp stones and boulders
Geotextile underlay being installed to this pond i
250g/m2 protective geotextile underlay was installed to protect the 1.0mm EPDM pond liner membrane from damage.
Geotextile protective underlay installed to large
Installing 1.0mm EPDM pond liner to this big pond
Installing the EPDM liner to a project in Watford.
1.0mm EPDM rubber pond liner, delivered in three s
1.0mm EPDM rubber pond liner was delivered in three sections and hot bond welded together on site.
Pond liner installed to large pond in Watford and

Pond Installation with 1.0mm EPDM Pond Liner

Russetts Developments Ltd were commissioned to supply and install an underlay and pond liner to this big pond design at a property in Watford, Hertfordshire.

Due to the size of the pond, the chosen pond liner was a rubber 1.0mm EPDM. It was delivered in three sections and welded on site.

Further alterations were done on site to lesson the bulk of the creases that you would get with a flat sheet pond liner installation.