Garden Pond Liner Installation

RDL were asked to install EPDM 1mm pond liner in an existing natural pond that was no longer able to hold water. The pond includes a section which runs under a single track road bridge.
The geotextile protective underlay was installed before adding the EPDM liner to offer protection from possible damage by sharp stones in the ground which went undetected when clearing out the pond.
1mm EPDM pond liner installation using two sheets of membrane for each of the two ponds on either side of the bridge fabricated together by installing a liner under the bridge.
1mm EPDM pond liner was fabricated on site to fit under the bridge.  
An anchor trench was dug around the circumference of the pond to ensure the liner remains in position.
Pulling the 1mm EPDM pond liner sheet into place across the area of the pond.
The EPDM pond liner was fabricated on site.
The completed refurbished large garden pond.

Pond Refurbished With 1mm EPDM Pond Liner

In September 2013 RDL was asked to supply and install  a garden pond liner into an existing natural pond which was no longer holding water due to ground seepage. The existing shape of the 1,000m2 pond was maintained.

Working with the original pond design, RDL worked with a team of landscapers to remove all stones, rocks and the overgrown aquatic vegetation in the pond before installing the garden pond liner and protective underlay.

Two large pond liners were joined together with a narrower strip running under the single track bridge. EPDM 1mm rubber liner was the chosen membrane to use as its superior flexibility and strength are ideal for this size project.

Geotextile protective underlay was installed beneath the EPDM garden pond liner to protect against damage from sharp stones or objects within the ground. 

The membrane was installed and held in position by running up into an anchor trench which was dug around the ponds perimeter. A section of the pond ran under a single track road bridge.The lining of the 1000m2 pond was completed within two weeks after the ground works had been completed.

The EPDM garden pond liner was trimmed and secured in place using an anchor trench before refilling this extra large size pond.