Buscot Park

Once the water feature had been drained and cleared a 3mm chase was cut into the existing stone work at water level around the entire circumference of the feature. This chase would allow an L shaped laminated metal strip to be inserted inside the chase and hang vertically down the wall allowing the Flagon TPO membrane to be welded to it. The chase was then sealed with a waterproof and fish friendly mastic sealant.
400g/m2 protective geotextile underlay was installed to protect the TPO membrane from the stone and concrete surface and held in position by the laminated metal strip Pipe sleeves were fabricated on site for any pipe work that penetrated the liner. Lengths of 1.2mm Flagon TPO lining membrane were cut to suit the required depth and first installed on the walls of the water feature.
Each section of the water feature was completely finished by welding in the base sheets and sealing the liner at water height before moving onto the next section. The base was mechanically secured to the original structure to ensure there was no uplift of the liner as there was no guarantee that water would not seep in under the liner through the original construction in adverse weather conditions. The Grade II listed status would not allow any modern sealing solutions to be applied to the original construction of the feature which would now be preserved under the new lining system.
– Interlinking weirs were lined in preparation for new concrete flag stones to be place on top allowing the water to cascade into the section below. Each section had a 25mm dia pipe protruding through each weir with a removable plug to allow draining of each section if required. RDL’s experienced installers were able to fabricate the pipe sleeves using off cuts of the Flagon TPO lining membrane thereby reducing the overall costs of the project by not having to purchase expensive pre-formed sleeves.
The installation of the 1.2mm Flagon GeoP TPO lining membrane took a total of thirteen days from start to completion. There was no disruption to the surrounding park features as all the preparation of the lining materials and fabrication was carried out within the boundaries of the water feature. Approximately 1100m2 of Flagon TPO membrane was used.
On completion of the installation there was some remedial work to be carried out by Buscot Park grounds staff before was the water could be turned on and the famous Peto water garden feature including the Dolphin bronze fountain was put back into service which was just in time for the seasonal opening for the visiting public.

Buscot Park Pond Liner Refurbishment

RDL was approached early in 2011 regarding the refurbishment of Buscot Park’s famous Peto water garden feature (Grade II listing), which consists of a series of formal ornamental ponds, weirs, cascades and canals.

The design brief was to install a suitable pond liner ensuring it terminated at water level to avoid covering the original stone features. The shape and size (135m long) of the water feature meant that the liner would have to be completely fabricated onsite to ensure a perfect fit. It was decided the most suitable material to line the water garden feature was 1.2mm Flagon GeoP TPO membrane with 400g/m2 protective geotextile underlay.