Bespoke Vertical Sided Pond

Digging out the ground and taking measurements to
Excavating the new pond and taking measurements to keep to exact design plans.
Pond build and removing sharp stones and boulders
Geotextile underlay being installed to this pond i
250g/m2 protective geotextile underlay was installed to protect the 1.0mm EPDM pond liner membrane from damage.
Geotextile protective underlay installed to large
Installing 1.0mm EPDM pond liner to this big pond
Installing the EPDM liner to a project in Watford.
1.0mm EPDM rubber pond liner, delivered in three s
1.0mm EPDM rubber pond liner was delivered in three sections and hot bond welded together on site.
Pond liner installed to large pond in Watford and

Unique Vertical-Sided Pond Design and Pond Liner Installation

RDL was approached in the summer of 2016 regarding the installation of a pond liner to a uniquely designed vertically sided garden pond.

The design brief was to install a pond liner without any folds or imperfections.  It was decided the most suitable material to line the pond was 1.2mm Flagon GeoP TPO membrane. 400gm Geotextile protective underlay was installed first to protect the Flagon material. The liner was completely fabricated on site, using hot air machines.

On completion of this project it was proof that there are no limitations to the shape and size of a pond when it comes to installing a pond liner.