Pond Liners

Pond liners are an important feature of ponds, lakes and reservoirs offering guaranteed water containment properties. Russetts Developments Ltd (RDL) fabricate Butyl and EPDM rubber pond liners at our warehouse in Milton Keynes. Sheet rubber is imported from Sweden and cut to required lengths before vulcanising together to form the finished pond liner

Our experienced factory operatives ensure quality is maintained as the highest priority to guarantee customer satisfaction throughout our product range.

We supply pond liners to Aquatic Traders based in the UK in the form of pre-packed pond liners and 30.5 meter long rolls of pond liner of varying widths allowing traders to cut to specific dimensions as requested by the customer.

The use of RDL pond liners to create a garden pond feature is the easiest, quickest and most cost effective way to achieve a stunning water feature in any residential or commercial garden.

The flexibility of rubber pond liners allows the freedom to design a pond that suits individual requirements without the restrictions imposed when purchasing a preformed liner. Just dig your pond the shape you require and contact your nearest Aquatic Trader who will advise on the best size and material for your pond. All RDL pond liners come with a long-term warranty for added peace of mind. 

Pond liners supplied by RDL

Heavy Duty PVC pond liner

A very popular pond liner as a starter range. This material is suitable for small ornamental ponds. It is very flexible and pliable making it easy to disguise creases. Not ideal for larger installations due to its thickness. Available in pre-packs of pond liner and liner rolls which come with a lifetime guarantee on orders up to 60 square meters and 20 years for larger size pond liners.

Butyl pond liner

Butyl liner has been a very popular choice for the past 40 years due to exceptional physical properties, flexibility and its ability to accommodate ground movement. However, Butyl rubber has substantially increased in price and for this reason has been replaced as our main pond lining membrane, with Epalyn EP rubber which has a very similar technical specification and even shows some superior properties. Butyl rubber is still available for bespoke projects and box-welded or tailored-to-fit pond liners. 

Epalyn EP pond liners

We import EPDM uncut sheet rolls of 0.75mm, 0.85mm and 1.0mm thicknesses, direct from SealEco International (HQ) based in Varnamo Sweden. We have chosen to name the SealEco EPDM rubber which we supply, “Epalyn EP” to distinguish us from other suppliers of the product.

Although slightly more flexible than Butyl, Epalyn EP rubber is similar in appearance and has some superior physical properties, such as tear and tensile strength. Epalyn pond liners are very popular in the UK, however some EPDM rubbers cannot be vulcanised together and can only be joined with tape and adhesive glues. Some are are also not very pliable. Epalyn EP rubber can be vulcanised into most shapes and sizes providing a secure watertight joint between sheets.  

Epalyn EP pond liners are supplied with a lifetime guarantee on orders up to 100m2 and 25 years for larger sheets. Epalyn EP is available in pre-packs and rolls

Protective underlay 

We supply a variety of geotextile protective underlays to provide a high level of protection to pond or lake liners in a convenient and cost effective way. Pond liner protection carried out with the use of old carpets, cardboard, newspapers and other materials that are not specifically designed for the purpose won't maintain their condition for the same length of time as the pond liner. These make shift products will rot, leaving the protection useless and your pond liner vulnerable to damage long before the end of its guarantee.

TenCate Polyfelt products TS60, TS50 or Cosmotec LPP250M are supplied in addition to a range of specialised geotextile protective underlay membranes for specific jobs as required.

The amount of geotextile protective underlay required to order is dependent on the size of pond liner and whether protection is needed for both beneath and above the pond liner due to the type of substrate included in your design. RDL geotextile is available on 2.0m wide rolls of protective underlay in varying lengths. Short lengths can be cut ‘off the roll’ and pre-packs are also available. We supply ‘one piece’ factory stitched geotextile sections for larger or uniquely shaped applications. Details are available on request.

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