Pond Accessories

Pond Filtration Pumps

RDL Pisces Intrepid pond filtration pumps are reliable, economically priced and supplied with a two year guarantee.  

  • They can pump water to a high head yet still have low energy consumption. 
  • Manufactured with a ceramic shaft for long life and durability.
  • These pumps are classified as submersible, but they also have the option to be dry mounted for those who prefer a pump not to be housed within the pond.  
  • Fitted with a ball jointed multistage hose adapter for ease of use. 
  • Available in a wide range of sizes based on the volume of water pumped per hour.

In the unlikely event of needing a replacement, we do offer a very efficient returns policy and we will get a new pump sent direct to the customer as soon as possible.
Use the following pond  pump specifications to select the one most appropriate according to the volume of water contained in your garden pond that will need to be circulated through the pump per hour. Contact Us for prices and to place an order for your pond pump.

Stickseal Repair Strip

The self-adhesive Stickseal repair strip consists of 1.0mm EPDM rubber layer incorporating a polyester textile scrim and a 0.6mm sticky Butyl based adhesive backing. The Stickseal repair strip can be used to repair small hole and tears in both EPDM and Butyl pond liners. To prevent uplift of the patch a bead of Sealant 5590 can be applied around the patch circumference. 

Click here for instructions on how to apply the repair patch. Need to repair a pond liner? Contact us today to place your order for a Stickseal Repair Strip.

 Mastic Tape

Mastic is a 5mm thick double sided sticky butyl tape. Used for minor repairs and for sticking waterfall liners to the main pond liner. Make sure the surfaces are clean and clear from debris, lay flat and peel off the release film, place between two pieces of material and use roller to seal. Not ideal for use under static water.

Contact us today to place your order for Mastic Tape.

Sealant 5590

A Silicon based black mastic sealant paste that comes in a tube. Used as a lap seal and a sealant. Tubes fit nicely into a Silicon gun. Adheres to rubber, stone, concrete, plastics and metal if free from grease and dust.

Waterproof Sealant

RDL adhesive solution is based on hybrid polymers for flexible and durable seals. Highly resistant to ageing and atmospheric conditions. 

The adhesive seals underwater, can be applied to a wide range of different materials such as pond liners and stone, it is solvent free, non-toxic to marine and fish life, easy to use and offers instant repair.

Applications: Pond Liners (Butyl and EPDM), g
lass, wood, stone, concrete, ceramic and metal.

Contact us today to place your order for a Waterproof Sealant.