Damp Proof Course

Damp proof course is installed to prevent the ingress of water through the walls to the internal structure. Damp proof course materials made of EPDM rubber have proved highly successful in resisting water seepage into buildings.

The interior of all buildings needs to be made waterproof, which is achieved with the installation of damp proof course and the cladding around windows. With EPDM damp proof course system you are guaranteed one of the strongest, most durable seals on the market.

Characteristics of EPDM damp proof course membrane lend itself perfectly to the job:

  • Exceptional contraction and expansion characteristics with up to 400% elongation
  • Temperature stable from -40°C to +120°C
  • Superior resistance to weathering, ozone and ultra violet
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Will not discolour masonry
  • Life expectancy of over 40 years
  • Compatible with a wide range of substrates
  • Contains no environmental pollutants

Damp Proof Course Applications

Damp proof course is a barrier placed into the base of a masonry wall and has long been a requirement in construction to protect brickwork from the damaging effects of ground moisture. The Varnamo EPDM Damp Proof Course Strip System provides a continuous barrier of protection and its life expectancy is much longer than traditional materials. Installation of the EPDM membrane is an easy process using specially formulated primer, cleaner, adhesive and sealant.

For more details about damp proof course, Varnamo EPDM Strip System contact Russetts Development management team who have a number of years of experience working with EPDM waterproofing membrane applications and will advice on planning of material needs as well as installation on building sites.

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