For specifications and Material Safety Data Sheets of our Rubber sheet membranes (pond and lake liners) and Sealant 5590 or instructions on applying Stickseal repair strip, please click on the appropriate file below:

    Application Instructions for Stickseal Pond and Lake Liner Repair Strips

    Stickseal patches used for pond or lake liner repairs should only be used on flat supported areas where tensile stresses to the supporting liner are minimal. It should not be used to repair damaged membrane that is likely to be folded or creased. If this is unavoidable the membrane must be repositioned to ensure the repaired area is laid flat and free from folds.

    Instructions for use:

    1. Ensure the damaged liner is free from any jagged edges that are likely to continue tearing if any stress is applied. This is achieved by rounding off likely edges/tears with a sharp pair of scissors. 

    2. Clean the liner around the damaged area and at least 200mm beyond with a scouring pad and clean water (for an older liner- with a wire brush to reveal fresh membrane). 

    3. Ensure the cleaned area is completely dry by carefully heating the membrane with a hot air gun. 

    4. Prepare a Stickseal patch making sure that the patch overlaps the damaged area by a minimum of 100mm on all sides. Also ensure that the corners of the patch are rounded to prevent uplift when applied. 

    5. Position the prepared patch centrally over the damaged area, then working from the centre outwards apply the patch to the liner membrane and using a suitable 40/50mm roller and roll flat with an outward motion until the entire patch has been applied. 

    6. To prevent uplift of the Stickseal edge apply a 1cm bead of 5590 Lapseal sealant to the entire edge of the patch ensuring the bead overlaps the membrane and patch equally and to a depth of 4mm. This will protect the tacky exposed Stickseal edge from contamination and uplift and provide a secondary seal between the membrane and Stickseal patch. Leave for a minimum of one hour for the Stickseal to harden before submersing in water.