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Jun 8

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Tank liners have two key functions, namely to protect the tank from corrosion and to protect the purity of the content of the tank.

Storage tanks come in many shapes and sizes depending on their function and what they are designed to store. Tanks maybe sited below the ground, on ground level or elevated and are fabricated from different materials. Steel and concrete are the most common types of tanks. Regardless of what type of tank, they are all expected to last a number of years, if not a life-time. For this to happen, tanks need protection on their interior walls and often externally too. This can be supplied by way of installing a rubber tank liner material on the interior walls.

Corrugated water storage tanks
are used to store ground water for irrigation use, fire protection and household use. They are also used for harvesting rainwater which can be used for irrigation purposes of crops and commercial or domestic gardens. Corrugated tanks are stronger than flat steel tanks and therefore ideal for storage and withstanding harsh environmental conditions. The lateral and vertical strengths of these tanks are enhanced by the overlap of the seams which are riveted together with solid steel rivets forming a double thickness of steel.

Fire protection storage tanks are designed to hold high volumes of water with tanks capable of holding as much as 50,000 gallons. These tanks can be erected on a prepared concrete foundation and are easy to assemble without the need for heavy equipment. Russetts Developments are well known in the industry for supplying waterproof membrane tank liners to steel fire protection tanks.

Water storage tanks for sprinkler systems used in fire protection have proved to be of a great advantage in saving lives and protecting properties. The essential part of any fire protection system is the supply of water. This can be the direct supply from the local water mains or (and more reliably) from water stored in a tank with a pump to deliver water to the sprinkler system. Cylindrical galvanised steel or aluminium tanks are used for sprinkler systems. A butyl or EDPM liner is the fitted to the cylindrical tanks, which are generally located close to the property to be protected.  

Corrugated galvanised steel tanks lined with a tank liner provides a durable water storage solution. These tanks have successfully been used to store water since the late 19th century. Water tank liners prevent corrosion and damage to the inner lining of storage tanks thus preventing water from becoming tainted and contaminated. They also reduce the risk of the tank developing a leak. Lining a tank with a Butyl or EPDM rubber sheet will offer long-term protection and prevent corrosion. If not and corrosion is ignored the internal steel substrate of the water storage tank will be a risk of aquatic bacterial growth that will lead to water contamination (which in extreme cases can lead to an outbreak of Legionnaires disease). 

Water is precious so it makes sense to use and store it wisely. An integrated system can be used to catch rainwater with the use of a tank and pump for use in garden or commercial irrigation. 

Want to invest in a water storage tank, tank liner or require a tank liner refurbishment? Contact Us today to discuss your requirements and prices.

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