Box-welded liners for Koi pond builds

Oct 24

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Friday, October 24, 2014  RssIcon

Box-welded liners are synonymous with Koi pond construction and formal garden landscape designs. They are the ideal choice for vertical sided ponds typically of circular, rectangular or square shape. Bespoke box-welded liners are also possible such as for rectangular designs incorporating a mid-circular shape. This type of liner is the preferred choice for formal ponds because it presents the perfect way to minimise folds and creases around the walls and in the corners of vertical-sided ponds. 

For Koi enthusiasts, the first step to creating a pond to accommodate these large fish is to research the project thoroughly to avoid any mistakes. Alternatively, bring in the landscape or pond-building experts to avoid possible financial or time-wasting regrets. The research needs to include budget, where the pond is to be sited to avoid long periods of direct sunlight, size of the pond to home your desired number of Koi and materials required including filter and bottom drainage system.

Koi ponds need to be of a particular depth and hold a minimum volume of water to create a healthy environment for fish to thrive in. The depth and surface area needs to be bigger than that of non-fish ponds, so space available in a garden needs to be considered too when in the planning phase. A general guideline is a minimum depth of 3 feet (4 to 5 feet is optimal) and one that holds a minimum volume of 1000 gallons of water. So size should be around 23 feet long and 12 feet wide to house 15 mature KOI fish providing them with enough room to swim about actively. Box-welded pond liner installation

A bottom drain and filter system are important if not a critical inclusion to maintain healthy water quality and avoid accumulation of debris at the bottom of the pond depleting water oxygen levels. If the choice of liner for a KOI pond build is a box-welded liner, then thought needs to go into how at least one bottom drain and filter system are to be incorporated into the fitting of the liner.

A good filtration system is needed to ensure good filtration. Koi produce large amounts of solid waste, so a system with good mechanical filtration is needed to remove debris from the water. The filter must be easy to clean and, if fed from a bottom drain, then a valve needs to be attached to shut it off from the pond for regular cleaning.

To contain the water in a Koi pond and assist in maintaining good water quality,an EPDM Rubber Pond Liner and protective underlay are recommended. Building a Koi pond does not have to be an impossible dream provided thorough planning has been put in place to lessen the workload and costs. The bigger the Koi pond, the easier it is to maintain, so plan the largest pond your budget and landscaping will allow.

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