Waterproofing membrane guaranteed to resist water seepage

May 27

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014  RssIcon

Waterproofing membranes are now essential in the construction of a building. Waterproofing membranes applied to window frames and to the facade of a building or residential property are a critical step in the building process to guarantee protection against water seepage. Failing to protect a building against rain, wind, and sun will result in the walls and facade deteriorating over time. A rubber membrane used to waterproof the external walls, roofs and windows of buildings offers many superior qualities to guarantee a lifetime of water resistance.

The facade of a building is continually subjected to the effects of structural and thermal movements as well as to a range of weather conditions and temperatures. This means that to keep the internal walls and flooring dry, the waterproofing membrane needs to withstand many demands made on it over time and therefore needs to be:

  • strong,
  • elastic,
  • weatherproof
  • resistant to industrial pollutants
  • provide guaranteed waterproofing for the life expectancy of a building
  • retain its waterproofing performance or properties in the most demanding of situations.

The waterproofing membrane supplied by Russetts Developments meets all these requirements. The most recent introduction to waterproofing is that of membranes made from EPDM rubber, which guarantees a strong, durable seal to windows and facade. 

The cross-linked molecular structure of EPDM waterproofing membranes has proved highly successful based on the following:

  • shows negligible ageing over time despite exposure to UV rays, sunlight, varied weather conditions and a wide range of temperature extremes.
  • Retains strength and elasticity over time
  • Remains flexible at temperatures of -400C to 1500C
  • Highly resistant to chemicals 
  • Resistant to the attack by bacteria and other microorganisms
  • Ability to absorb structural movements (an important feature when applied to the facade of buildings)
  • Offers viscoelastic properties
  • Can be applied to a variety of substrates

EPDM damp proofing membranes is the optimal choice for preventing rain and moisture entering a building. Strips of membrane are very easy to apply. For more information about the use of such a waterproofing system and prices, contact Russetts Developments and one of our experts will assist.

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