Tank Liner Extends Life of Steel Tank

Jul 4

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Thursday, July 04, 2013  RssIcon

The cost of installing a tank liner to seal a water storage tank is less than a fifth of the cost of having to replace it due to detection of corrosion causing irreparable leakages. Therefore, a cost effective exercise is tank refurbishment which will take a few days to a couple of weeks to repair depending on the size of the tank. Refurbishing old water storage tanks with a rubber tank liner can extend its life by more than thirty years.

Tank liners used for refurbishment projects are custom fabricated to any shape and size tank.

The management of potable water storage tanks is important to avoid downtime and cost of replacement. Early detection of rust can save costs and inconvenience. Steel tanks need to be installed correctly and maintained to protect the investment:

  • Cut back vegetation and clear away any soil that has moved up against the side of the tank. Branches swaying against the steel may scratch the outer coating of the tank making it vulnerable to the onset of rust. Both vegetation and soil can trap moisture against the steel and this can also lead to corrosion.

  • The foundation on which the tank is positioned needs to be checked that there are no cracks and that ground movement has not affected the position of the tank.

  • Leaks may not be that obvious but may be detected through the visibility of rust spots, mineral leaks or coating bubbles. It is therefore important that the outer shell is checked meticulously at least once a year.

  • Internal walls also need to be checked particularly for signs of corrosion.

An overall interior and exterior inspection of storage tanks annually to evaluate damage that may have occurred checking for signs of rust, leakage and anything related to performance of the tank. Corrective steps can then be taken to minimise the need for a costly replacement.

Refurbishment involves either the application of a specialist coating or installation of a rubber tank liner to extend the life of a storage tank. Epalyn EP is suitable as a liner because it offers good flexibility and high impact resistance. It has excellent resistance to UV radiation, weathering and microbial attack. The material has a low co-efficient of thermal expansion and contraction, therefore it can be applied in a wide range of temperatures and terrains. 

Russetts Developments has extensive experience in providing liners for the following types of tanks:

  • Aluminum / Galvanized cylindrical bolted panel sprinkler and potable water storage tanks.

  • Elevated rectangular sectional GRP/pressed steel tanks.

  • Shaped concrete above and below ground basement tanks.

  • WRC approved drinking water tanks.

Contact us for more details about our tank liners and installation service on 08707702800.

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