Pond liners for irregular and complicated pond designs

Nov 24

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Pond liners serve two main functions in pond, lake and reservoir construction - they maintain water retention by preventing ground seepage, and keeps sediment and other debris out of your pond.

There are six important qualities to look for when buying a pond liner – durable, frost-proof and can withstand exposure to extreme weather conditions, rot-proof, elastic /flexible – making it more manageable to install, resistant to the pressure of growing roots, unaffected by exposure to ultraviolet rays, doesn’t leach chemicals – therefore no risk to the health of fish, aquatic plants or the environment.
Durability is based on the number of years of use without requiring replacement. Butyl and Epalyn (EPDM) rubber pond liners have over 30 years of use with excellent outcomes reported by many pond owners and Landscape gardening professionals. Rubber pond liners are made of natural materials and display all of the above mentioned key features.

   Infographic of Russetts Developments services and pond liner projects

Pond liners supplied for more demanding pond and lake builds

Butyl pond liner is a high performance product that is used for demanding lake and large pond installations. Butyl offers excellent flexibility, resistance to extreme weather conditions, non-toxic to pond plants and wildlife.

Epalyn, is an EPDM-based pond liner material imported from Sweden. Epalyn (EPDM pond liner) is slightly more flexible than butyl, but is very similar in appearance. 
Epalyn pond liner and Butyl are both known for being high quality materials used for the containment of water in ponds, lakes, reservoirs and galvanised steel water storage tanks. The flexibility of Epalyn (EPDM) and Butyl means they can be readily manipulated into various pond shapes and sizes. They are both durable and stable at extreme weather conditions, UV resistant and can be readily repaired if required.

The technical difference between Epalyn and Butyl is the polymer. To be called Butyl the sheet must contain more than 50% butyl polymer. The polymer is the ingredient that makes the sheet elastic. In most pond grade butyl there is usually a percentage of EPDM polymer mixed in. Epalyn, however is made with 100% EPDM polymer. EPDM Epalyn pond liner has a higher specification than Butyl in 60% of tests and equal in the remaining 40%

Flagon GeoP 1.0mm TPO membrane

Flagon GeoP 1.0mm TPO lake liner membrane offers superior flexibility and strength. The TPO lake liner membranes none heat absorbing light colour ensures the ambient temperature of the water would not promote the growth of algae.

For irregular-shaped and complicated pond or lake designs, RDL can tailor and install containment liners on site using Flagon thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) membrane. Tailored TPO liners are also used to line unusually shaped formal vertically sided earth, brick or concrete ponds where excessive folds and creases need to be avoided. 

TPO offers minimum maintenance during its lifespan. FLAGON TPO pond liner has been designed, formulated and manufactured according to specific application needs, based on a “tailor-made” philosophy. TPO offers mechanical resistance, resistance to ageing, flexibility, ease of installation and environmental protection.

Tailored pond liner installations can include planting shelves, sloping bases, uneven depths and a haunched base to fit bottom drains.

Three pond liners that have proven highly successful to even the most complex of pond or lake designs.

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