Lake liners and their role in golf course water features

Oct 17

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Monday, October 17, 2016  RssIcon

Water features included in the landscape of a golf course act as a challenge to the golfer (the perfect obstacle!) while also Lake at a London Golf Course dug out and ground having final preparationsproviding both practical uses and overall aesthetic appeal. In this article we demonstrate the application of our services in the steps taken to select the best lake liner for the project and the process taken to line the lake, secure the liner in place and prevent liner damage and subsequent water lose.

The planning phase of the lake built at a London golf course ensured that the sloping sides were built to the right angle and shape. This was done so that the completed lake construction wouldn't allow the lake liner to be visible at water level. Sloping sides are also intended to discourage golfers from walking into the lake to retrieve golf balls - the studs on golf shoes will damage the liner. 

Russetts Developments Limited (RDL) supply Butyl and EPDM rubber lake liners as well as Flagon GeoP 1.0mm TPO. All three lake liners are known for being flexible and robust in a number of application types from the humble garden pond through to very demanding lake and reservoir applications. For this particular project Flagon GeoP 1.0mm TPO lake liner was the chosen membrane.

TPO lake liner was chosen for it's superior flexibility, resistance to extreme weather conditions, resilience to ground movement and strength - features ideal for the lakes environment. TPO lake liner also has a none heat absorbing light colour ensuring that the ambient temperature of the water doesn't promote the growth of algae. 

Installing the TPO lake liner membrane above Geotextile protective underlayPrior to laying the lake liner above the excavated lake, 400g/m2 of Geotextile protective underlay was installed to ensure the liner was protected from sharp stones and gravel. 

The TPO lake liner membrane was installed and held in position by running it up into an anchor trench which was dug around the lakes perimeter. This 10,000m2 lake at the prestigious London Golf Club Heritage course was completed within a four week period after the ground works had been dug and landscaped to plan.

Lake liners form a fundamental part in the success of man-made lake construction where water lose through ground seepage needs to be prevented. Installing UV resistant and highly durable lake liners to prevent water leakage will extend the life of a lake. Russetts Developments Ltd (RDL) custom fabricate lake liners to the exact dimensions required for lake constructions of all sizes using highly durable and UV resistant Butyl, EPDM or TPO lake liners.

Contact RDL today to discuss how we can work alongside your chosen landscapers to line a lake to meet all requirements. 

Tel: +44 (0)870 770 2800


Lake liner installed and water starting to fill the 10,000m2 lake

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