The real fact about rubber tank liners and water storage tanks

Aug 26

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Water storage tanks vary in size and the material they are constructed from plastic as is common for domestic rainwater harvesting, to concrete and galvanised steel tanks as used in irrigation, industrial and fire-protection. Tanks can be above or below the ground according to preference. Water storage tanks built above the ground are less costly because the is no digging or planning permission required. Above ground storage tanks will need a roof installed to protect against debris of all types falling into the tank. galvanised steel water storage tank for irrigationgalvanised steel water storage tank

What size water storage tank?

This is determined according to demand and volume of water used in peak periods over a 24-hour period versus the rate at which water is replenished. For fire protection systems this is determined by  fire-flow where desired water quantities, pressures and flow duration determine storage requirements.  Water storage tanks can be constructed from either concrete or steel. Concrete is a good medium however it is more expensive and properly lined to prevent chemicals leaching out of the concrete, but more importantly, water pressure causing structural damage to the concrete over time. Galvanised steel is commonly used for commercial and industrial water storage. These tanks can be unlined where the stored water is used for industrial or grey water purposes. However, this does leave the tank vulnerable to the onset of corrosion, which over time may lead to damage and resultant lose of water. For potable water storage, above ground tanks need a roof to protect against the entry of debris and a tank liner to protect against the leaching of chemicals into the water.

Water storage tanks for fire protection

Cylindrical galvanised steel or aluminium water storage tanks are the most common type used for sprinkler systems. They are constructed by bolting together the steel sheets to form a cylinder. A mastic seal is applied between each metal sheet or the tank is fitted with either a Butyl rubber or EDPM tank liner. These tanks are installed close to the premises designated for protection on a prepared concrete base.

galvanised steel water storage rank Water storage tank maintenance avoids situations of tank 'down time' and the cost of a replacement tank. Rubber tank liners and tank liner refurbishment is an important step to maintaining a tank for many years reducing the risk of damage and tank replacement. Russetts Developments Ltd (RDL) supply rubber water storage tank liners to the UK, European and Worldwide markets. They have years of experience as a leading supplier of rubber
 tank liners to the fire protection industry. 

Facts about rubber tank liner installation

RDL were the first rubber tank liner manufacturer to introduce the steel eyelet to the top circumference of the tank liner to co-inside with the bolt pitch of individual tank manufacturers tank panels. This vastly improved the installation and security of the hanging tank liner. The system has now become the tank lining industry’s standard method of circular tank liner installation

RDL were also the first tank liner supplier to introduce the full one piece stitched geotextile protective matting bag. This was designed to protect the tank liner from extreme heat and cold temperatures radiated through the tank panel sheets, to protect tank liner during installation and to cushion them from floating ice damage. This product is used extensively throughout Europe, Asia and Africa to provide continuous protection to rubber tank liners in all types of extreme weather conditions.

Both have since been copied by many other tank liner manufacturers.

RDL has a wealth of experience installing tank liners to water storage tanks for industrial and potable use. RDL also supply the geotextile protective underlay liner to give added protection to the liner.

Contact us today to find out more about our extensive range of services and how we can help you find the most durable tank liner.

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