Why EPDM tank liners are so effective at water storage containment

Jan 15

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Thursday, January 15, 2015  RssIcon

Are you or your company looking to invest in a water storage tank for fire protection, irrigation or for potable water storage purposes? Or, are your existing galvanised storage tanks in need of a tank liner refurbishment? If so, here is an overview of why synthetic rubber tank liners are considered an economical and practical choice for preserving the longevity of the storage tank while also retaining the water in the tank for when it is needed.
Depending on the application or design, a choice of synthetic rubber membranes or other types of liner materials are used to seal water storage tanks together with a tank cover. 

Galvanised tanks offer an economical, reliable and low maintenance solution for water storage - provided the correct protection is put in place. These tanks are used for fire, irrigation and potable water storage.

The tank liner of choice for galvanised steel water storage tanks is a synthetic rubber membrane, which is prefabricated to closely match the dimensions of the tank and bolted to the top inner rim through reinforced eyelets.

The tank liner is protected during installation and use by first installing a geotextile matting which is placed on the bottom and up the side panels of the tank. The Geotextile liner also protects against puncturing when the inner tank is being inspected. 

EPDM rubber liners of thickness 0.75mm or 0.85mm are used to line fire protection and irrigation water storage tanks and either Butyl or EPDM 1.0mm rubber membrane are used for potable water tank applications.

Both types of rubber tank liner membranes are used in water containment because of their closely packed molecular structure which resists liquid or vapour passing through it. They also offer outstanding ageing and weather-resistant properties. Their cross-linked molecular structure gives excellent ageing over a long period of time even when exposed to extreme weather conditions, sunlight, ultraviolet radiation and ozone. Strength and elasticity remains virtually unchanged over many years, without shrinking, hardening or cracking.

Synthetic rubber liners offer a high degree of flexibility, therefore damage by rough handling is minimized, and the material readily holds to surface contours. The material has excellent resistance to abrasive wear, tearing and puncturing. However, it may be damaged by sharp tools or implements and it is recommended that grit-free rubber soled footwear is used during the installation process.

Russetts Developments have years of experience supplying and installing tank liners as well as offering a tank liner reinstallation service. Call us now for a quote and more information on our rubber tank liners for water storage tanks as well as the liners we supply for mild chemical storage tanks.

Telephone: 08707 702800

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