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Dec 14

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Roofing membranes are a type of waterproofing system for buildings to make flat or near flat roofs watertight. The use of rubber membranes has proved highly successful in roofing systems. Rubber membranes are elastic thereby offering great flexibility, chemically stable and don't release any toxins into the environment.

EPDM (ethylene propylene diene (M-class)) is a type of synthetic rubber used in a wide range of applications including waterproofing roofs and watertight seals around the windows of buildings. Its popularity in roofing is also due to the fact that no toxins are released into run-off rainwater, which is important particularly where rainwater harvesting is employed.

Advantages of EPDM roofing membrane:

  • EPDM has been used in roofing worldwide for over 40 years with great success and is the most frequently used single-ply roofing membrane. 
  • A cost effective roofing system and is low maintenance. 
  • UV resistant so it never perishes and remains flexible at a very wide range of temperatures therefore moves with the constant expansion and contraction of a building structure.
  • Superseal EPDM single ply roofing system - is a flexible rubber membrane that is light in weight, easy to install and is thermally stable across a vast temperature range (-300C to 1200C). It is a fleece-backed membrane giving a smooth, wrinkle-free installation. The EPDM membrane can be used in fully adhered or mechanically attached situations, using only hot air splicing to offer a complete watertight system.

All roofs require the installation a waterproofing system to keep the interior building dry. With its flexibility and durability, EPDM is proven to be ideal for all styles and sizes of roofs not just flat ones. Because of the many qualities EPDM offers its use has expanded beyond just for roofing membranes. It is also suitable for lining gutters, dormer roofs, and outbuildings, damp proofing and lining large reservoirs or lakes. In fact, EPDM is ideal wherever water containment, waterproofing or a watertight seal is required.

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